The Two Noble Kinsmen: Live Theatre Evaluation KS4/5

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Creating a personal Live Theatre Evaluation The Two Noble Kinsmen is a rarely performed play and it would be surprising if you have read it, seen a previous production or even heard about it. Therefore, you are likely to be watching this streaming without prior knowledge or preconceptions. No doubt you have regularly heard that there are no right or wrong opinions to have about a production. This is true and the skill is how you justify your position. Your work will be much stronger if you are true to what you feel and can explain that clearly to a reader.

This exercise is to support you to trust your own opinion about a production and to include those observations and thoughts in a Live Theatre Evaluation 


  • Before the streaming starts, write down your expectations of what you are about to see.
  • Watch the performance and make a few notes during it. Write about anything you like, not what you think you are supposed to write about. For example, note moments you like, don’t like or that simply capture your attention in some way.
  • As soon as the production finishes, write a quick paragraph expressing how you felt about the experience overall. Remember, if you can personally relate to any moments in the production, this is important to include.


Now read the following three professional theatre reviews of The Two Noble Kinsmen and compare your thoughts with the opinion of these professional critics.
Time Out

Professional theatre critics have a much smaller word count than students do for a Live Theatre Evaluation so analyse how they have managed to be so concise. For each theatre review, make brief notes (one word will do) to show what you think each paragraph focuses on e.g. context, director’s intention, design, characterisation, themes, etc. Consider whether these were also elements of the production you found important or did you prioritise differently. 

  • decide which of the reviews you most agree with and why.
  • reflect on anything you have learnt from the professional theatre critics.
  • consider if this exercise has helped you to value your own opinion as an informed audience member.


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