Romeo & Juliet: Interviews

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Click the actors below for interviews with members of the cast of Romeo & Juliet from our Adopt an Actor interview series.

For more information on these productions, visit the Romeo & Juliet: Productions page.


2015: directed by Dominic Dromgoole & Tim Hoare 

Romeo - Sam Valentine >>
Juliet - Cassie Layton >>


2013: Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank production, directed by Bill Buckhurst

Video interviews with the cast of this production are available in the following resource:


2009: directed by Dominic Dromgoole

Mercutio - Phil Cumbus >>
Nurse - Penny Layden >>
Friar Laurence - Rawiri Paratene >>


2007: directed by Edward Dick

Romeo - Richard Madden >>
Juliet - Ellie Piercy >>
Nurse, Friar Laurence, Friar John - Eliot Shrimpton >>


2004: directed by Tim Carroll

Romeo - Tom Burke >>
Juliet - Kananu Kirimi >>
Mercutio - James Garnon >>
Lady Capulet - Melanie Jessop >>
Nurse - Bette Bourne >>


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